Drive In Racking

Optimize available space by eliminating aisles between rack. Ideal system to store homogeneous, low-rotation products with a high pallet volume.

Drive-in are storage rack configurations that allow the forklift to drive directly into the lane of stacked rows (called a bay). It what is called a LIFO (Last-In First-Out) storage method which means, the last pallet into a row is necessarily the first one to be taken out.

A drive-thru storage system, with two different entry points, can use a FIFO (First-In First-Out) storage method. With a FIFO system, pallets are loaded in one end and are pushed back to the other end, where they are then at the front of the row on the opposite side. The first pallet put into such a row is the first on taken out at the other end. This system is advantageous for material with an expiration date or wherever shelf life is a major concern

Ideal if

  • You need to store large quantities of the same palletized goods
  • You want to store goods in batches
  • You need a very high-density storage, more than Selective Pallet Racking
  • You operate on the basis of First-In-Last-Out (LIFO)


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